Mediation, Arbitration, Case Evaluation  & Consulting Service

Mediation is a valuable service by which parties to a dispute utilize a third party to assist them in negotiating a resolution, without the need of a final resolution from a court, arbitrator or other decision-maker. The mediator plays a vital role in assisting both parties to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of their particular position, and to explore alternative ways of resolving the dispute.

Wally McDonough provides effective mediation services through twenty plus years of legal experience with nearly fifteen years of business experience. As executive vice president of a business that grew to over $1 Billion in revenues in his ten year tenure, Wally understands the different issues that businesses must confront in addressing legal disputes, as well as how the resolution of disputes can fit into a company’s overall business success. These include contract disputes, insurance claims and labor/employment issues. Wally’s business background allows him to understand the different pressures that litigation can create, separate from the particular legal dispute at hand. This experience helps Wally to connect with the parties directly and often allows him to see different solutions to problems, when a resolution might not appear at hand.

Mediating construction disputes is a natural fit, but the experiences gained in business  provide him with a unique insight into how businesses and people operate and how disputes get settled.

At ELK Consulting Services, we take the time to listen to all sides of the situation, and it is our goal to assist both parties in reaching a settlement without the expense, time and energy needed to pursue a resolution through other forums. Our objective is for all parties to walk away feeling that their needs were met. To see how we can help you, send a message or call us today.


Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Service - Needham, MA

Arbitration is a binding form of dispute resolution, in which the parties select one or a panel of neutral arbitrators to decide a dispute. When applied properly, arbitration is a substantial improvement over using the court system. Selecting Wally McDonough as an arbitrator will ensure parties of a decision-maker with experience with the type of dispute involved; speed in resolving the dispute compared with the court system; and management of the discovery and hearing processes to achieve reduced attorneys’ fees and other costs. Arbitration allows parties much greater control in resolving their disputes efficiently and with more certainty than the legal system. Having been General Counsel and an Executive Vice President for Suffolk Construction Co. for over ten years, Wally McDonough brings a wealth of practical business and legal experience in many different areas, which he uses effectively to arbitrate disputes. His goal is to provide parties who want a binding resolution with a quick and efficient process, and a decision that is consistent with the facts, law and the parties’ agreement. Wally does not believe that arbitrators should “split the baby” or come up with some perceived “fair” decision. Instead, he seeks to decide the case on the merits and improve all parties’ trust in arbitration as a valuable alternative to litigation in court.

At ELK Consulting, it is our goal to provide a decision to all parties in a timely, fair and efficient manner without the expense, time and energy needed to pursue a resolution through other forums. To see how we can help you, call us today, or fill out a contact form.


Business Consulting, Insurance & Claims, Crisis Management, Contracting Systems Service

ELK provides consulting services to growing businesses. In his role as General Counsel and senior executive in two billion dollar plus organizations, Wally encountered innumerable situations, which required aggressive and immediate action, with a focus on the long-term interests of the company. The urgency of any one issue can appear overwhelming at times; however, with advance preparation and consideration of the potential impacts of a problem on the business, those issues are managed with minimal impacts.

Wally has broad and deep experience and provides consulting and training in the following areas:

  • Crisis Management
  • Insurance Programs and Claims Management
  • Contracting Systems

These programs can be designed and presented through many different means including development of forms and plans and training for employees.